Responsive Design vs. Server-Side solutions

Below an Infographic from MobileJoomla, that has teamed up with BraveNewCode, the provider of the hugely popular WPtouch plugin for WordPress.

Each of the teams represent the two most popular mobile solutions in the Open Source community. More information at the following link:

Infographics: Responsive Design vs. Server-Side Solutions

A few collected tweetable facts from the infographic:

  • Average webpage is now 1.2MB. If the trend continues, the avg page is >2MB in 2014!
  • 10.3% of all web browsing is now done from smartphones and tablets.
  • 4G/LTE network connections are 12% slower than desktop.
  • Mobile browsing latency can be up to 96% slower than desktop.
  • 97% of mobile latency slowness happens on the device side.
  • 64% of smartphone owners want mobile sites to load in 55% of Joomla! sites.
  • Server-side tools could give ~30% of Joomla! sites >100% mobile performance boost.
  • Average WPtouch Pro pages load 75% faster than their desktop counterparts.

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