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CMSIt is hardly surprising to learn that the majority of top websites are increasingly using some kind of Content Management System, among which the most popular are those based on the LAMP stack.

LAMP is an acronym that refers to the first letters of Linux (operating system), Apache (HTTP Server), MySQL (database software) and PHP (or sometimes Perl or Python).

Apart from the unbeatable price tag, the advantages of using such systems are enormous, both for users, who are able to create and update the content on their websites without any technical skills required, and for webmasters, who are provided with very powerful tools to help them organize the structure of their websites and maintain their sanity, or whatever is left of it.

Latest statistics on usage of Content Management Systems for websites show that WordPress is used today by 16.4% of all websites on the Internet. That represents a Content Management System market share of 54.1%. It is distantly followed by Joomla! with 2.8% / 9.2% and Drupal with 2.1% / 6.8%.


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